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October, 2015

Get Your Covers Band Gigs!

Do you want to get your covers band 100 gigs a year? Well it’s pretty tough but in doing so you can make a living from playing and get a lot of time to yourself to work on other musical endeavours. So … Read More

The Relationship Between a Covers Band And an Agency

As a commercial covers band you are only as good as the agency you work with, notice I say “work with”. An entertainment agency looks after the bookings for your covers band and ensures you have enough of the right … Read More

Preparing For The Punches

Being a boxer is about skill, strength and speed. 3 assets you can spend every day working on, but at the end of the day, no matter how much you try and avoid it, you are going to get punched … Read More

Shoes – Who Fu**ing Cares…? Everyone!

I have 2 nephews who work on security in a very rough part of Wolverhampton and as much as they are lovely guys, they are absolute nails and amazing at their job! They can usually tell a shoplifter by his … Read More

Break Into The Music Industry With a Bit of Style

Indie labels are reported to have a market share of over 30%. The music industry is changing as more and more established acts are breaking away from labels and setting up their own in house label as recording becomes easier … Read More