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May, 2016

The secret to getting people to your gigs

Does anyone go to original band gigs anymore? I’m constantly hearing bitching from bands around the country on how nobody comes to see their band and how they work their asses off. I’ve heard the same thing for years with … Read More

Session Musicians – You need to drop the ‘C’ bomb!

Session musicians have a reputation of being skint, because most of them are, but have you ever thought why? A big part of this lack of funds is due to decision-making and more importantly the dreaded ‘C’ word…. A word … Read More

Squeezing the lemon – How to PR yourself as a musician

PR (or public relations) is a very important thing as a session musician; it’s all about how people perceive you. People’s perception is far more valuable than reality and you need to become the ‘Go-to guy’ when someone needs a … Read More

How much does it cost to set up your own covers band?

You have done plenty of gigs including covers gigs and it feels like the right time to take control and set up your own commercial band. Call it what you like, a covers band, a functions band or what I … Read More

Fronting a band – communicating with your audience

Fronting a band and communicating with your audience when you are on stage is an integral part of any show and like everything in life, the more you practice and plan the better you will become. But just how do … Read More

Music career motorways – Start with the destination

Think of your music career as a journey (this sounds deep but go with me on this). Most musicians learn to play guitar and then start on their path to their musical destiny without any idea of where they are … Read More

Every Band has a Geoff – Is it you?

Every band without exception has a Geoff as a band member. Geoff or ‘The Geoff’ is the guy in the band who nobody can really remember and is generally uninteresting or unimportant.  Some would say, the dull twat of the … Read More