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July, 2016

set lists – Money & Women!

Band set lists are SO important and in general badly done. There has to be some method to your song order, it can’t be like hitting random buttons on Street Fighter 2 and hoping for the best! It’s important when … Read More

Are you a covers band video collector? *massive rant alert*

Another day, another covers band agency starts and once again it features all of the usual suspect musicians that we see in so many other bands exclusive to other agencies who don’t get enough work for their musicians. So the … Read More

The 1% rule – Building your music career one step at a time 

Too many musicians in today’s society look at a career in music in a similar light to winning the lottery. “If I take part in some small way maybe lady luck will shine down with that massive finger” … ‘IT’S … Read More

Musicians guide to the recession … part 2

If you have seen any of the news over the past few weeks you might have seen the country is in a bit of a pickle! In fact even Rick Waller, Charlotte Church and the population of China might struggle … Read More

A musicians guide to this recession (2008)

Have you checked out the news over the past few weeks? It’s more depressing than listening to the entire Radiohead discography after your girlfriend leaves you because your dad is better in bed than you! With failing economies all over … Read More

Gear obsessed or career obsessed? 

All too often I see musicians with more gear than Kerry Katona on a Saturday night out! And it annoys me how much emphasis musicians put on their musical equipment before their career! ‘I’d rather see a musician gigging 3 times a … Read More

The Musicians Pension.. (Only the smart ones will read this one)

Musicians & Pension, 2 words that go together like ‘Mum and Rohypnol!’ But hear me out because no money needs change hands and you will need a plan at some point in the future, so let’s start thinking about it … Read More