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The Band Photo – Makes Me Want To Stab My Own Grandma!

31 August 2016

Imagine all of the possibilities when planning a band photo-shoot, you could hire astronaut costumes and go to the zoo to take pictures riding on giant ancient tortoises. You could go to the pug puppy meet-up and take a photo surrounded by nutty dogs running all over you. You could go to someone’s house, cook messy food and have an amazing food fight while someone captures the carnage on film! You could even borrow an underwater camera and jump fully clothed in the sea with a mate to help take the shots.

Then there are the possibilities of make up whether it being dressed up as the undead with rotting prosthetic limbs or humanised robots out to take over the world. You could do the mask thing like Slipknot or Kiss or even the punched bloody nose shot, which pushed Andrew WK from artist to icon.

You could think of some exciting locations to shoot like a band skydive trip or a terrifying graveyard scene at midnight, what about hiring a gothic hotel room or taking a band trip to an aircraft graveyard.

You get the idea… with creativity anything is possible to give your band a photo that will be AWESOME and stop people in their tracks… So why the fuck do so many bands have a photo of 4 guys standing against a wall dressed like they are going to pick up the groceries from Aldi!


Being in a band is all about letting your creative side run free and coming up with off the cuff ideas to stand out and be different and rebel against normality… so do that! Come up with an idea for a photo for your band that has never been done before… because you can!

When it comes to clothes and haircuts, this is what sets you apart from the every other unsigned band. Having a pair of jeans, shoes, t-shirt and jacket is all you need… however it’s about having the right pair of shoes, the right jacket etc.

“Sometimes it’s a statement to not try too hard” – No it isn’t! Some people have the looks and charisma to happen to ooze cool but unless you’re a CK model don’t risk it. Try harder! Get your haircut at the coolest place in town before the day and tell them it’s for a band photo-shoot so it needs to be bloody cool.

Co-ordinate what is going to be worn and have a practice photo-shoot so it’s not a risk on the day. You don’t have lots of money to waste so practicing will just mean you get it right!

On the radio show, Ace & I would be sent hundreds of band demos a week with photo’s and we were amazed by how many bands had taken a shot on a phone dressed like students… BIN!

Turn your band into the magical thing you want other people to see it as with a bit of creativity and research and you will jump over 80% of other bands just by having a great picture! Don’t forget, a band can feature on the front page of Kerrang! / NME just by getting the picture right! That is how important this is!

Small print: No grandma’s were harmed in the writing of this blog… they died years ago!


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