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TEN tips for a successful career as a MUSICIAN

Looking for professional advice on making your way through the music industry? Follow these 10 tips by Damian Keyes.        1. Be competitive The music industry is super competitive so to be successful you need to become better … Read More

What have I learned in 6 months of living & breathing social media (6 month review)

In August 2016 I embarked on a new journey to put a small full time team together and build a new project, develop a brand by immersing myself in social media from the moment I woke up until sleep time. … Read More

Re-thinking the rules of gigging

Musicians are programmed to think in a certain way. We grow up watching our favourite bands who grew up emulating their favourite bands and since the 1960’s there has been a similar structure to how bands think and strategise. However … Read More

Musicians – A Word About Experience

What is it that makes a musician experienced? By that I mean real experience not fake cv ‘I played with Chad Smith at my college’ shit. Experience to me is hundreds or more likely thousands of hours with that instrument … Read More

Singers – Are you looking for a band?

So many singers spend years developing their voices just like every other musician but all too often singers struggle to find a band, or musicians to jam and write with, especially vocalists who don’t play an instrument. I’ve known hundreds of talented … Read More

Musicians Advice – Can You Turn Up?

‘I’m not ready yet’ Said no musician ever. OK, thats a bit of a sweeping statement but it’s not often a musician will think their playing isn’t up to the job. Musicians usually feel they are ready for the gig, … Read More

Musicians – Who is holding you accountable?

One thing is clear, when you are in control of everything in your career there is a lot to do and you need to have different brains for different days.. your ‘creative brain’ for all the artistic side of your … Read More

The Singer vs The Artist – Whats The Difference?

First off let’s clarify what is ‘An Artist’ when it comes to the music industry. An artist goes way past being a singer or performer, there are plenty of massive artists who wouldn’t be classed as technically blessed as singers … Read More

Tips On How To Become A Working Musician

Being in originals bands and trying to take over the world with your music takes its toll after a few years and musicians often find themselves at a cross roads where the energy for starting a new band or project … Read More

Priorities, Targets and Goals – FLIP IT!

As musicians we all have priorities and hopefully in setting targets we can work towards our goals, however this is the wrong way around and we need to flip it around and think in a different way so we can … Read More