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All your dreams in 6 seconds

11 August 2016

Ruth B was a young songwriter who used Vine to show off hooks and ideas of songs to her small but growing audience. One night, sat at her piano in her pyjamas, she wrote a simple hook melody after watching the TV series ‘Once upon a time’. This simple hook (no pun intended) featured the lyrics ‘I am a lost boy, from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan’.

What happened next changed her life….

Within 1 week the 6-second vine clip received 84’000 likes and hundreds of comments asking for more of the song, which at this stage hadn’t been written. Slightly shocked and overwhelmed with the reaction, Ruth sat down and started piecing the already famous song together. A few days later she posted a full version on YouTube –

One month later she released the track on iTunes and within 3 months was signed by Columbia Records. 3 months after that she released her debut album ‘The Intro’. The feature track of the album ‘Lost Boy’ has to date received 117 million listens and is growing fast. Ruth is on tour and all of this within 6 months of a random 6-second Vine vid.

So what can be learned from this?

Number 1, she wrote something that touched a lot of people who wanted more and wanted to be part of her story.

Number 2 – If you listen to the original track its obvious that she has put a lot of time and effort into her voice, and songwriting. While many would say this is a fluke, I would suggest she grasped an opportunity that she was ready for.

Lastly she picked one social media platform and she made it work for her. What a brilliant strategy to use an app allowing just 6 seconds of video and give people a main hook of a song to leave them wanting more. She could have picked YouTube, Facebook or Instagram but she chose Vine to be her stage where she could perform and build an audience.

For me, this is a great story about opportunity… a simple social media strategy and when an opportunity presented itself she jumped on it and rode the beast! A brilliant story and a great lesson for all of us of how quick something can happen. Keep your eyes open and find your strategy.

I love this story!


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