Guildford Singing Guitarist Needed

DK Music Management are holding auditions for a Singing/Guitarists based in Guildford to be part of our growing band agency. If you are hungry for paid gigs, please get in touch!

DK Music Management started in 2008 as a way of helping musicians build a career in music by providing them with regular paid gigs. And due to popular demand we have grown to 30 bands across the country.

What we provide:
• FREE photo shoot with a professional photographer
• FREE demos recorded in industry standard recording studios
• FREE PA system inc lights
• FREE rehearsals at a convenient location to the band
• FREE listing with Warble Entertainment (one of the top entertainment agencies in the UK)
• FREE website
• FREE promotional video
• FLEXIBILITY gigs will generally fall over a weekend, which gives you Monday-Thursday to work on your career
• MONEY get paid to do what you love

To request an audition slot, please fill all the information in below and we will get back to successful candidates with full Audition details.

Make it happen!

Apply for Guildford Singing Guitarist Needed

Get in touch by filling in the DKMM application form below. There are no costs, and no hidden tie-ins. We will add you to the database and tell you about up and coming auditions for DKMM.

(please include links to videos and demos)