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Priorities, Targets and Goals – FLIP IT!

10 October 2016

As musicians we all have priorities and hopefully in setting targets we can work towards our goals, however this is the wrong way around and we need to flip it around and think in a different way so we can plan our route.

It’s crucial we think of these 3 things in the reverse order – Goals / Targets / Priorities. Musicians have a habit of working the wrong way around and starting off with the priorities which limit your strategies.

Example 1

Priority – I love writing songs

Targets –  I guess I’ll make an album

Goal – I’ve made the album so I will promote it and try and get a record deal

This route of a musician/band writing songs until they have enough to record an album only to finish the album and start to think about how to promote and sell it is the tail wagging the dog but something I see several times a day from bands. Each action taken is due to a result which the band feels like doing at the time with no clear defined vision. It’s very much a ‘what next?’ strategy.

If you flip reverse the scenario and work the opposite way around then every decision made is towards the end goal, not because we feel like it, or because its the natural progression but because its taking a step closer to that end goal. So in reversing this example the goal becomes : “Getting a record deal”. Do we need to make a record to get a record deal? No. So the strategy changes instantly and every decision becomes a question of “Will this take us closer to getting a record deal?”

Example B

Goal – To get a record deal

Target – To build a following of people to buy our record (Monthly – 1000 new followers / 4+ gigs)

Weekly – 2 rehearsals / 2 song writing sessions

Priority – content creation – Demos, live videos, testing content on different social media platforms

This example above shows how much easier it is to concentrate on the plan when you start with the Goal then work backwards to set your own targets, THEN decide on what the priorities should be in order to achieve them.

Example 3A

Goal – To become a full time studio session musician.

Target – To record myself daily at home, build a network of musicians/producers/studios/songwriters etc

Priority – Set up recording facility at home, prioritise LinkedIn to network, make show reel of playing.

You are in control of your career but your career isn’t in control of you. You decide on the journey and if you feel you are straying from the path then its easy to get back on track however if you have no goals then who knows if you are on the track or not. You are a rudderless ship bumping into opportunities and hoping that one day you will hit something you call a career.

Goals / Targets / Priorities – Have a go at writing your ideas down


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