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Singers – Are you looking for a band?

22 November 2016

So many singers spend years developing their voices just like every other musician but all too often singers struggle to find a band, or musicians to jam and write with, especially vocalists who don’t play an instrument. I’ve known hundreds of talented singers who just couldn’t get a band together. Well let’s drill down into why and what you can do about it! 

The singer and front person of a band standing on stage isn’t just performing the songs of the band… they are the freak show that this entire band and movement is based around. Sadly too many singers (male and female) are too boring to be in a band. Harsh but true! 

A singer stands on stage and sings but an artist carries the message of the band in every way… from what you look like, what you stand for and what message you portrait! Singers if you want to be in a band then do more than sing, you need to think more than just vocals to get noticed and accepted by musicians. 

Girls – look at bands like Paramore and The Marmozets. These aren’t just singers they emanate cool, from noises and screams, to what they wear & hair style/colour, tattoos etc or if you prefer your music more pop or country check out examples like The Shires or Florence and The Machine. It’s not enough to sing well and be nice. 

Guys – What music are you into and do you fit into that world? If you love metal bands on kerrang but have a tidy hair cut and no tattoos is that going to attract the right band members.

What else do you bring to the party and could make you a more attractive option? Would it help if you played a bit of guitar or piano to help with the writing and live sound?

It’s a fashion based industry and music lovers want substance so it’s up to you to provide that in the way you look, sound and act and being a singer isn’t enough if you want the spoils of touring in a band. 

So what are you going to do to attract the attention of other musicians? Be awesome.. Be Different… stand for something… Be the artist not the singer!


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