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The Singer vs The Artist – Whats The Difference?

First off let’s clarify what is ‘An Artist’ when it comes to the music industry. An artist goes way past being a singer or performer, there are plenty of massive artists who wouldn’t be classed as technically blessed as singers … Read More

All your dreams in 6 seconds

Ruth B was a young songwriter who used Vine to show off hooks and ideas of songs to her small but growing audience. One night, sat at her piano in her pyjamas, she wrote a simple hook melody after watching … Read More

The 1% rule – Building your music career one step at a time 

Too many musicians in today’s society look at a career in music in a similar light to winning the lottery. “If I take part in some small way maybe lady luck will shine down with that massive finger” … ‘IT’S … Read More

Music career motorways – Start with the destination

Think of your music career as a journey (this sounds deep but go with me on this). Most musicians learn to play guitar and then start on their path to their musical destiny without any idea of where they are … Read More