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TEN tips for a successful career as a MUSICIAN

Looking for professional advice on making your way through the music industry? Follow these 10 tips by Damian Keyes.        1. Be competitive The music industry is super competitive so to be successful you need to become better … Read More

Become the college go-to musician

When you are at college there is always that girl/guy who consistently gets the opportunities from the tutors. Try as you may it feels like you are getting over looked by ‘that guy’ time and time again! It feels shit … Read More

Musicians – Are we having fun yet?

  Once upon a time you started your journey towards being a musician. It might have been a birthday and you unwrapped a new guitar or it might have been borrowing a mates drum kit but right now you are … Read More

All your dreams in 6 seconds

Ruth B was a young songwriter who used Vine to show off hooks and ideas of songs to her small but growing audience. One night, sat at her piano in her pyjamas, she wrote a simple hook melody after watching … Read More

Perfection Kills Music Careers … “I’m not ready”

The number one excuse I hear from musicians as to why they haven’t started getting themselves out there on social media is that their content isn’t ready. Are you guilty of saying any of the following? : The video’s I … Read More

set lists – Money & Women!

Band set lists are SO important and in general badly done. There has to be some method to your song order, it can’t be like hitting random buttons on Street Fighter 2 and hoping for the best! It’s important when … Read More

A musicians guide to this recession (2008)

Have you checked out the news over the past few weeks? It’s more depressing than listening to the entire Radiohead discography after your girlfriend leaves you because your dad is better in bed than you! With failing economies all over … Read More

Gear obsessed or career obsessed? 

All too often I see musicians with more gear than Kerry Katona on a Saturday night out! And it annoys me how much emphasis musicians put on their musical equipment before their career! ‘I’d rather see a musician gigging 3 times a … Read More

Break Into The Music Industry With a Bit of Style

Indie labels are reported to have a market share of over 30%. The music industry is changing as more and more established acts are breaking away from labels and setting up their own in house label as recording becomes easier … Read More