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Re-thinking the rules of gigging

Musicians are programmed to think in a certain way. We grow up watching our favourite bands who grew up emulating their favourite bands and since the 1960’s there has been a similar structure to how bands think and strategise. However … Read More

Tips On How To Become A Working Musician

Being in originals bands and trying to take over the world with your music takes its toll after a few years and musicians often find themselves at a cross roads where the energy for starting a new band or project … Read More

Why I Hate Battle of The Bands Competitions

If there is one thing I hate in this world it’s sprouts at xmas! Disgusting green bogies tasting like a ping pong ball full of sick! Bleaurgh! However if there is another thing I deeply dislike it’s Battle of The … Read More

Small but valuable investments to drive your band along

Hey Hey Hey Monkeys Are you in an unsigned originals band? Is it going to plan or have things slowed down a bit since the first few months of getting together? Maybe you have written & recorded a demo/EP and … Read More

Buckethead, Sight Reading or Naked Bass… Where have you placed yourself as a musician?

Musician strategy – Stay clear of the middle.. it’s safe and boring! HEY HEY HEY you crazy nutters! Every musician seems to want to work in the middle… by that I mean the safe, boring & highly competitive area. Come … Read More

Perfection Kills Music Careers … “I’m not ready”

The number one excuse I hear from musicians as to why they haven’t started getting themselves out there on social media is that their content isn’t ready. Are you guilty of saying any of the following? : The video’s I … Read More

set lists – Money & Women!

Band set lists are SO important and in general badly done. There has to be some method to your song order, it can’t be like hitting random buttons on Street Fighter 2 and hoping for the best! It’s important when … Read More

Who cares about fair (and Fuck being Politically correct?)

You are in the music industry, it’s the most competitive industry outside professional sport so whenever I hear the word ‘fair’ it makes me want to wipe dog shit on an old lady’s face! What is fair about music? Some … Read More

The secret to getting people to your gigs

Does anyone go to original band gigs anymore? I’m constantly hearing bitching from bands around the country on how nobody comes to see their band and how they work their asses off. I’ve heard the same thing for years with … Read More