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Tips On How To Become A Working Musician

Being in originals bands and trying to take over the world with your music takes its toll after a few years and musicians often find themselves at a cross roads where the energy for starting a new band or project … Read More

All your dreams in 6 seconds

Ruth B was a young songwriter who used Vine to show off hooks and ideas of songs to her small but growing audience. One night, sat at her piano in her pyjamas, she wrote a simple hook melody after watching … Read More

Buckethead, Sight Reading or Naked Bass… Where have you placed yourself as a musician?

Musician strategy – Stay clear of the middle.. it’s safe and boring! HEY HEY HEY you crazy nutters! Every musician seems to want to work in the middle… by that I mean the safe, boring & highly competitive area. Come … Read More

The 1% rule – Building your music career one step at a time 

Too many musicians in today’s society look at a career in music in a similar light to winning the lottery. “If I take part in some small way maybe lady luck will shine down with that massive finger” … ‘IT’S … Read More