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Priorities, Targets and Goals – FLIP IT!

As musicians we all have priorities and hopefully in setting targets we can work towards our goals, however this is the wrong way around and we need to flip it around and think in a different way so we can … Read More

Small but valuable investments to drive your band along

Hey Hey Hey Monkeys Are you in an unsigned originals band? Is it going to plan or have things slowed down a bit since the first few months of getting together? Maybe you have written & recorded a demo/EP and … Read More

All your dreams in 6 seconds

Ruth B was a young songwriter who used Vine to show off hooks and ideas of songs to her small but growing audience. One night, sat at her piano in her pyjamas, she wrote a simple hook melody after watching … Read More

Buckethead, Sight Reading or Naked Bass… Where have you placed yourself as a musician?

Musician strategy – Stay clear of the middle.. it’s safe and boring! HEY HEY HEY you crazy nutters! Every musician seems to want to work in the middle… by that I mean the safe, boring & highly competitive area. Come … Read More

Perfection Kills Music Careers … “I’m not ready”

The number one excuse I hear from musicians as to why they haven’t started getting themselves out there on social media is that their content isn’t ready. Are you guilty of saying any of the following? : The video’s I … Read More

Are you a covers band video collector? *massive rant alert*

Another day, another covers band agency starts and once again it features all of the usual suspect musicians that we see in so many other bands exclusive to other agencies who don’t get enough work for their musicians. So the … Read More

Musicians guide to the recession … part 2

If you have seen any of the news over the past few weeks you might have seen the country is in a bit of a pickle! In fact even Rick Waller, Charlotte Church and the population of China might struggle … Read More

Music career motorways – Start with the destination

Think of your music career as a journey (this sounds deep but go with me on this). Most musicians learn to play guitar and then start on their path to their musical destiny without any idea of where they are … Read More