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Musicians – Who is holding you accountable?

One thing is clear, when you are in control of everything in your career there is a lot to do and you need to have different brains for different days.. your ‘creative brain’ for all the artistic side of your … Read More

Why I Hate Battle of The Bands Competitions

If there is one thing I hate in this world it’s sprouts at xmas! Disgusting green bogies tasting like a ping pong ball full of sick! Bleaurgh! However if there is another thing I deeply dislike it’s Battle of The … Read More

Musicians – Are we having fun yet?

  Once upon a time you started your journey towards being a musician. It might have been a birthday and you unwrapped a new guitar or it might have been borrowing a mates drum kit but right now you are … Read More

The Band Photo – Makes Me Want To Stab My Own Grandma!

Imagine all of the possibilities when planning a band photo-shoot, you could hire astronaut costumes and go to the zoo to take pictures riding on giant ancient tortoises. You could go to the pug puppy meet-up and take a photo … Read More