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TEN tips for a successful career as a MUSICIAN

10 April 2017

Looking for professional advice on making your way through the music industry? Follow these 10 tips by Damian Keyes.

       1. Be competitive

The music industry is super competitive so to be successful you need to become better than everyone else. Sure, it is not easy but invest the time to improve your skills. It will pay off! Being the best is investing in your skills, knowledge and technique both financially and mentally.

       2. Plan the destination before the route

Where does your passion lie? Do you want to be a guitar player? Do you love to teach music? Or perhaps you are more of a song writer? Whatever your niche is, define it. It will not only help you to focus on gaining the right experience but it will also get you more clients. Knowing what you are working towards is the most important lesson I can think of!

       3. Gain as much experience as you can

Do what you love and find the time to do it every day. For example, if you want to be live touring musician, use absolutely any opportunity to perform. Remember, practice makes perfect, so practice gaining experience.. If you practice gigging you will get great at it!

       4. Tell the world

Social media isn’t a thing anymore. it’s THE thing. We live in a mobile world where SM is how we view and communicate with our world.… Pick the social media that suits your skillset and start promoting yourself by building and testing content!

       5. Do not underestimate the power of YouTube

YouTube is the second largest world’s search engine? Use it! Stop thinking of it as a library to store video and start using the facilities to build a community and allow people to find you and come on your journey. Use Geographical key phrases and meta tags and don’t be lazy when it comes to uploading video… craft a proper write up, headline and use all of the meta-tag characters so YT knows who to push your content to.

       6. Build relations and keep them warm

Communication is everything. If you don’t have a Linkedin profile just yet, it may be the right time to create one. Building your career is a lot about building and nurturing relationships.  Linkedin is a great tool to connect with people from the industry, manage your contacts and create your professional network.

       7. Be nice to EVERYBODY

Simple as that. You never know where the next big opportunity will come from. Many successful musicians such as Gary Barlow, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift have built their careers not only on their talents but also on their reputation of being nice and fun to work with.

       8. Become more employable every week

Whether it’s learning about sound, recording, singing, other instruments, driving, or developing your skills in new playing new genre’s .. the more employable you are the easier it will be to find gigs and make money. When you are learning new skills make sure you tell the world via your social media and make that part of your journey.

       9. Do not fear the last-minute opportunity. It may be the one that will boost your career.

Always be ready to jump into an emergency situation… These ‘save the day’ opportunities are the BEST way of building your career fast. When you cancel your plans or take a risk to take on a gig you aren’t quite prepared for, people notice you and spread the word about you fast… It truly matters.

       10. Never give up.

Be patience. There will be ups and downs but it takes years to build the career. Keep your long-term goals in mind when making decisions and remember that hard work and persistence always pays off. This is a marathon not a sprint and if you are 20-30 years old you still have 40+ years left of your career so ow that responsibility!


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