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Musicians – Are we having fun yet?

5 September 2016


Once upon a time you started your journey towards being a musician. It might have been a birthday and you unwrapped a new guitar or it might have been borrowing a mates drum kit but right now you are remembering that moment of sheer excitement! Then comes joining your first band, turning up to the local practice room (or school hall) to play your favourite songs together. Over the next few years the passion and dedication turns into obsession to learn and play and be a part of this amazing club which is being a musician, playing live to whoever will listen.

Take a minute and think about the name of your first band… That feeling you got when you first stood on stage and played a song. That is why you are a musician and that is why you are here. You want that feeling back every day, it’s chasing the dragon but this is real and legal and nothing can beat it.

Now think about your current situation with a band or project your working on? Is it giving you that buzz or are you frustrated with band mates? Are you, like most musicians guilty of taking the fun out of things by putting too much pressure on yourself and the project?

You are a musician because you have loved it since day one and its been your dream, but along the way life and money has come into the equation and if you aren’t having fun or it’s become all about the targets and the end goal maybe it’s time to stop. What’s the point in getting to the top of the mountain when you don’t care about the view?

I’m meeting too many musicians who aren’t having fun and aren’t enjoying the process of what they’re creating. So have a think about what will make this fun, if your band members aren’t pulling their weight, get rid of them or leave the band and join a new project. If you have made this music thing all about the money and less about the creativity then start thinking about what else you can do alongside that will strike up your passion again even if it’s just for enjoyment.

We play because we love it and if you’re not enjoying it then there are millions of other careers that are easier and more consistent. Enjoy the process of building your band/project because this is supposed to be fun! Take some pressure off and you might even find the results start working in your favour.

Let’s not lose sight of the first time you said to someone ‘I want to do this forever’.



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